Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodies a-commin'

So I used some of my x-mas $$ on...knitpicks options harmony needles!!!!! I did not get the set with the dumb plastic case; cause it's dumb, and I have extra of the 24 and 32 inch cables. So I bought the same set 1 by 1, and got a set each of the 40 and 48 cables for the same price as the set. I am VERY excited about these needles, I am addicted to the regular options, and love the rainbow bright-ness of the harmonys. Plus, I do like metal for some things, and wood for others. I also got a swift from joanns (yeay 50% off coupon) and a row counter thing a week ago. Christmas for me this year has been very knitterly. And my b-day is next week, and my 'rents gift has arrived at their house......OH, GOSH, I can't even begin to express, you will all just have to wait...

I also washed the last of my aunt's first fleece and MAILED it to Minnesota. I wish I could have gotten the last bit of lanolin out of it, but my hot-ish water and the fact that it's last season's shearing might be working against me. The processor I sent it to is very reasonable, and washing is included in their price. In washing, I did discover that using the warmth of the wood stove is quite helpful!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I had the pleasure...

...of seeing this gentleman David Wondrich, enjoying a couple of his cocktails, and having dinner with him and a group of foodies after a local bookstore sponsored event event. He gave a historical cocktail presentation at a local pub, put on by Rabelais Bookstore in Portland. He was a delight, his book is on my must read list, and he makes one HELL of a drink. He was recently on Conan, and I couldn't resist sharing, as he is truly a gentleman AND a scholar.

He's in the third segment (comes back from commercial to a penny intro).
And the Blue Blazer he makes? VERY impressive in a dimly lit bar with it's blue flaming waterfall of liquor pouring back and forth between mugs; apparently the key to not setting yourself on fire is practice, as ALLLLLL the pouring liquor is flaming: the studio lights kill it. He made it at the presentation (I missed trying it) but did sample the "original" martini.
A good bartender makes a good cocktail, leaving you thinking "that was a good cosmo".
A great bartender makes a great cocktail, leaving you thinking "I don't know what the hell that was, but yes sir, can I have another...3...and will you come live under the shelf in my kitchen cabinet" and then you find out that the base ingredient was the liquor you swore off as being deathly to drink (aka brandy) years ago!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

True Love

So I fiiiiinally washed the first half of one of my aunt's sheep fleeces, and also put together the drying rack that my dad brought up for me. And discovered that it fits perfectly over our kitchen chairs for drying inside (It was warm today, but it got dark/cold too soon!)
See?????Look, isn't it pretty???????It's a wonderful snowy gray color that I am (in an insane plot to make myself crazy) dying to sping and knit into a sweater.
Look, here there's some crimp! Yeay for crimp!!!
And look, staple length! I was worried that some of the the fleeces would be matted, but not this one, it was perfect, DIRTY, but little veggie matter. After three washes and a rinse, it's still a little greasy, but I certainly didn't have the water hot enough.

And what is true love? Having it inside makes the whole house smell...sheepy, and the frame is taking up the whole table area. When I mentioned I felt bad and apologized to Mr. VT, he said "Oh, I don't mind, I kinda like the smell of sheep" Awwwwww...and he's right, I like the smell too, it smells like vermont and goodness.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Sally, from the newest Knitty, is finished! She was a fun, and actually not too long knit. I think I started her the week before christmas. She's quite a bit bigger than the pattern, 18 inches. Part cause that just happened to be the size she ended up with the yarn I used (that lions brand vanna stuff) and also cause I did want her to be bigger, and on bigger needles. I didn't change much, I think I accidentally did the dress longer than the pattern called for, I did the dress neck different too by omitting the yo's. I also gave her a belly button.
As you can see, her new friend (my niece) is liking her so far, she's doing the I'm-too-tired-to-be-tired wandering around the house. I think everyone should knit a sally!!!!