Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today I tell a Story, Aug 11...

This counts as Monday still cause it feels like Monday. Today's yarn iwas a recent post, but it's such a favorite it's making a second appearance...

Ohhh, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, how I love thee... These are my top 10 reasons why I love this yarn:

1. it comes in soooooo many colors

2. it's fuzzy-soft without being itchy

3. it comes in solid colors AND heathers

4. it's a nice gauge, even though I like to knit it tighter than called for

5. it's cheep

6. a lot of stores carry it, so it's easy to find

7. it felts, but not too fast

8. it's got the perfect amount of stretch and give and spring back

9. it knits up euqally nice on metal and wooden needles

10. It's wool AND alpaca, for double the animal fun!

I'm loving the sweater in these colors that I'm making. it's going super fast, and the knit fabric is perfect for me. This must be the most commonly used yarn I have, I've made 4-5 items out of Ultra Alpaca. It's on temporary hold while I somewhat frantically attempt to knit my Ravelympics socks (sock put, team tardis), but can't wait to pick it up again!!!


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