Saturday, July 19, 2008

Recent Pleasures...

I have some FABULOUS pics of not-fiber that I will post soon, but my little bro and his weefe are visiting for the weekend, and are asleep in the "craft room" so pics will wait. So, things I have enjoyed recently...
1. I got my 2 fleeces back from stonehedge fiber mill, and again, I am very impressed. The two I sent were one of the 2007 fleeces from Aunt Sue, and the Rambouillet that the 'rents treated me to at Maryland S&W. The Ram still has some of the grease in it surprisingly, but is super soft, no shock. The other I opened, and immediately thought I got the wrong fleece, it was so soft. This is a Lincoln/Romney, and once processed was more brown-tinged grey than I remembered.
They are great, I can't wait to spin them.

2. The weefe, who is super into all natural/organic, down o the earth, wayyy more than us (she is a primitive skills instructor) was receiver of two of the fleeces I have, she is going to felt, but also is heading back to camp with my spindal and some roving I got a while back. She also bought ashford carders today, and when we got back to the house carded, spun, then knit a 3x3 swatch of some of the sample fleece from the bags I got. Kick ass!

3. We bought a cider press with an unexpected end-of fiscal-year bonus I got at work, so we can really do fruit wine this year. Locally (in Maine) made.

4. I am thinking about to commiting to a goal, likely this fall, which considering my physical shape leaves me slightly aprehensive. More to come on this one.

5. The Essense of the Essensial Stripe Sweater is coming along well; I am not sure about the color carries though. When doing a fair isle sweater, you carry the colors not used in the current row up the side, I think (and might be assuming). These extra colors are slightly showing through (like the light yarn on dark sections) and also mean that there will be extra thickness on one side which I KNOW is favorable to having ends to weave in, also all on one side. Once all is said and done, it's Berocco Ultra Alpaca, and will self-felt in as I wear it. And the colors, as I posted in an earlier post, are great.

6. I am looking forward to the CD release party of our favorite local band, The Jerks of Grass, bluegrass and amazing in all their mildly-twangy glory. We can't wait for this party, it's been a long time coming!!!


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