Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost Knitting, reward offered.

I had some sock pics to post, but Blogger is being suckie and not letting me post pics. The button isn't even there. Waaa.

Anyway...I have lost some knitting. I don't know where it went. I know it's black yarn, and it was only an inch or two of the very bottom of the sweater, but it also holds captive a 32-odd inch size three addi turbo, cause options don't come that small. And, I know it's here somewhere, but if it's not in my knitting bags, or in my secret hanging paper bags, or in my baskets, than it can only be in my Tupperwares, and I KNOW when I sorted my stash post move to get re-organized if I had seen it in there, I would have said "Huh? What's that doing in there?" It should be in the same general location as the PATTERN, which I found right away. And, I know I have knitted something with said yarn and needle, cause I am missing 1 ball of yarn, and found the ball band abandoned in the bottom of my knitting bag.

I am the kind of person who will go ABSOLUTELY mental and re-go through my ENTIRE stash until I solve this mystery. Please help. If you are on the bus or plane or starbucks bathroom and see a ball of black Helio and a 32 inch addi turbo with an inch or two of knitting in big-man-sweater size, send up a flare.


Blogger Batty said...

Oh no! I hope you find your knitting.

8:35 PM  

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