Sunday, April 06, 2008

Things I learned on my first pair of socks.

1. They are not scary
2. They seem that they can, in fact, be comfortable
3. It is not impossible to finish one. Or two.
4. Sock yarn is purrrrrtty
5. DPN's are as annoying as I recall, which is not too too annoying.
6. Toe up socks are the way they should be made, which is to start making a sock, not a tube.
7. Short row heels are nice. And heel-ie.
8. Having the ball of yarn split in half, by way of a scale and some basic maths, cures uneven-sock anxiety.
9. My flat-across-the-top toes can be well-covered with short row toes.
10. I like short rows, but only if I use stitch markers.
11. My new purse has a handy sock-in-progress holder with drawstring top that some may use as a water bottle pouch.
12. I can allllllmost knit sock stitches without looking at the needles.
13. I am glad my first pair of socks came out so well, as they are a gift.
14. I am glad my second pair of socks will be for me.


Blogger yoel said...

Congrats on being a sock knitter! I totally agree about the toe-up part!

7:37 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

Yay! Congrats for finishing your first socks! I have yet to knit toe up, but it's next on my list (after I finish the sweater I just pried from my cat's jaws...).

8:47 PM  

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