Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I had the pleasure...

...of seeing this gentleman David Wondrich, enjoying a couple of his cocktails, and having dinner with him and a group of foodies after a local bookstore sponsored event event. He gave a historical cocktail presentation at a local pub, put on by Rabelais Bookstore in Portland. He was a delight, his book is on my must read list, and he makes one HELL of a drink. He was recently on Conan, and I couldn't resist sharing, as he is truly a gentleman AND a scholar.

He's in the third segment (comes back from commercial to a penny intro).
And the Blue Blazer he makes? VERY impressive in a dimly lit bar with it's blue flaming waterfall of liquor pouring back and forth between mugs; apparently the key to not setting yourself on fire is practice, as ALLLLLL the pouring liquor is flaming: the studio lights kill it. He made it at the presentation (I missed trying it) but did sample the "original" martini.
A good bartender makes a good cocktail, leaving you thinking "that was a good cosmo".
A great bartender makes a great cocktail, leaving you thinking "I don't know what the hell that was, but yes sir, can I have another...3...and will you come live under the shelf in my kitchen cabinet" and then you find out that the base ingredient was the liquor you swore off as being deathly to drink (aka brandy) years ago!!


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