Friday, February 01, 2008

The Secret of the Scarf

It has been my secret for a while that I do not knit scarfs. Now, it's not that I don't want to knit scarfs, as I have seen many patterns that I like. It's more that I think it's a cool pattern for the first 4 inches and then decide that it's akin to what happens when Dulce the cat tries to digest plastic. I've started, among others, the Column of Leaves, Little Pyramids, Henry, the Window Pane Scarf, and the Irish Hiking Scarf. All started, all frogged. I do believe that it is the length of the unchanging, same-as-same five feet of commitment that does me in. I mean really, THE SAME PATTERN, for six feet? No sleeves? No decreases, or increases? Even with some snazzy yarn-overs and lots of cables, it makes me want to stab my eyes out with a dpn. Actually I take that back, cables make scarf knitting slooooower and exaggerate the pain. The most troubling thing about my anti-scarf feelings? I decided in October that my dad really needed a handmade scarf for Christmas. Open the abyss and dive right in, huh? No just a scarf, a scarf with a deadline.

I imagine it goes without saying that true to form, my dad did not get a scarf for Christmas. He should have gotten Henry, all blocked and ready to wear. Instead, he got an options 30 inch circular needle, 3.7 balls of yarn, and one inch of Henry. Henry came back home with me, grew by maybe a row (and I'm probably overestimating), and was frogged due to the fact that it was not ever, ever going to happen. (on the bright side, if anyone would like the now-discontinued Jaeger yarn in the exact color called for in Henry, it's up for swap : ) will get A scarf. A lovely scarf that is currently longer that it is wide, and is knitting up quite fast. And I am so proud of myself that he just may receive it while he can still wear it, this season. Don't worry dad it's coming. But it's still a surprise.


Blogger Georgiann said...

Sending you lots of encouragement --we'll be waiting for a picture of your dad's scarf. Remember , it could be worse -- rows and rows of garter stitch in fun fur!

7:58 AM  

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