Sunday, February 10, 2008

I really want to post pictures,

but I can't find the camera cord. Cause we're moving, and our house is covered in boxes. Now I'm pretty sure I didn't pack the cord, cause that would mean that I found it first, and would have stopped there and proceeded to upload my pics. It's here somewhere, but where...
I also have not managed to take pics of my birthday present, cause it won't stop snowing. I really want to take pics outside, but there is eleventy billion inches of snow on the ground, and I would have to shovel out a photo spot. So I will tempt you all with the mere knowledge that for my birthday, my mom and dad got me...


It took little searching. I had a pretty specific list of requirements, including castle style, reasonable price, double treadle, scotch and double drive tension, and pretty. This narrowed my choices down to 3-4, with a couple others tossed in cause they looked fun. In the end, the one I chose was only the third from my list I spun on, but I knew INSTANTLY that it was the one. I couldn't have treadled more than a dozen times, and I was hooked. Now, as a tidbit, this is unusual for me. Past "major purchases" (like goretex pants, climbing shoes, and eyeglasses) have included spreadsheets, anal-retentive comparisons of features, and driving great distances to "just try it on". The search usually wraps up with statements from my husband like "it's a friggin' whitewater helmet, who really cares if it makes you look like a pillbug? Just PICK one." So I was very impressed with myself at the speed and steadfastness of my decision making.
Anyways, so yes, I now have a spinning wheel. A very pretty one, that my dad, Mr. VT, and I stained in a very pretty color and waxed, so it is the perfect color and finish. I'm still in the phase of ownership of feeling like it is too good and I can't take my first spin on it, cause "it's not the right time". And we pick up the keys to our new place in five days and I'm a little preoccupied with packing. But ohhh, the anticipation is killing me!!!


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