Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This month I tell a story, day 5

Today's Story is about Mirasol's Hacho, which I fell for in Sapphire Jade. This is one of the growing many yarns and fibers who take the fiber industry to a new level through social consciousness movements and grassroots community development. I'll quote from their website (which I would not normally do but think it's okay if it gets the word out about their project):

"Located high in the oxygen-starved sierra of the Andes Mountains of Peru near Lake Titicaca, the Mallkini Ranch was established to breed alpaca herds. The owners, Michell and Company, have always had the well-being of their employees uppermost in the running of the ranch. With this aim in view, they have sought a way of supporting their employees in the long term: the Mirasol Project. The solution is to take a percentage of every sale of Mirasol Yarn and invest it in the establishment and running of a boarding-house for local children. The proposal is focused on an infant and child-care programme and after-school support for older children so that the alpaca shepherds' families at Mallkini have a secure place where the children can develop their potential. The boarding-house will be built to provide accommodation, meals and health-care and support the children with their school-work."

As a Social Worker, I never caught the community organizing bug that is at times part of trying to change the world. I think much more micro level, and enjoy (mst days) changing one kiddo at a time. But I do really enjoy putting some of my yarn budget towards companies who take this effort on. The fact that they care about yarn and colors, want to make a profit for their company and employees, aren't based in name-your-favorite-city importing yarn blanks from random farming conglomerates are all things I want to support. And farms like Mallkini, who's efforts expand to support the development of the community that makes their yarn possible is quite admirable.

And their yarn rocks.

I'll step off my soapbox to go knit a bit now. Not this yarn though, it's being saved for a perfect pair of socks cause it's too good for anything else.


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