Monday, August 04, 2008

August 4's Story

Today's story is about this crazy Kauni yarn, which is the Beanie Baby of the yarn world. Webs just sent an e-mail out that they have it in stock, which guarantees that their web server will crash tonight. They have many colors, including the infamous rainbow colorway, which looks eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh in the picture, but apparently does magic things when knitted by someone like the Harlot.
See? Pretty in the picture? not so much. But the knitted garment is pretty smashing.

These colors are much nicer, and I can see myself knitting a nice sweater out of either.
The moral of my story for today? Don't judge a yarn by it's skein, but also don't jump on a bandwagon that doesn't fit with your style. No matter how great those rainbow sweaters look, I would feel like Rainbow Bright leading the GLBT club in one. I have been trying to be more planful when buying yarn, and resisting the oooohhhhh it's so pretty impulse buy, forgetting that I look absurd in yellow and pink, and especially absurd in yellow-pink. The fun names sway-me-not.

I tell this story as a prediction of the color trends that will crop up over this next month...there's alotta green boys and girls.


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