Friday, August 08, 2008

Today's Story: #7: It's Not Wool

No one will notice that I skipped #6, right? Good.

So today's story is a sad one about the wrong yarn and the wrong pattern. The yarn:

Jo Sharp DK in a nice plum color. The pattern: Sizzle, by Wendy of Knit and Tonic. The problem: I hate it. Something about the combo of the yarn and the pattern has caused it to sit in my UFO bag since at least the summer of 2006. It's just awful.

Now, one lesson I have learned about myself as a knitter is that I should never knit something that I wouldn't even consider buying if I saw one in a store. I like to knit things to wear, and reason stands to tell that if I don't own a v-neck knit tank, and haven't had to urge to purchase one, I should not knit one either. This is usually not a problem, as there are many, many sweaters that I would kill to have if it was at Banana Republic, and oh-my-lucky-stars, I can knit my very own!!!

The trouble I have with this is that there are many very funky-classy-cool-kickass patterns that I would never actually wear, but instead admire from afar; my "If Only I Got Paid to Knit" sidebar is full of them. And I got taken by Sizzle. I admit, it probabally isn't the right yarn for the pattern. Actually, I can't think of a garment that I would like the yarn in. It's not that it's bad yarn (no cookie!), but it's not wool, and that's automatically a big drawback, as I love wool. So this yarn, as nice as it is, taught mt a couple things: I love wool, I don't love cotton, and I should never fall for a pattern that isn't me.


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