Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm home!

Got a loooooot of reading done in the pool, in the air conditioning, before bed... I pretty much read my way through Georgia, but I read really fast so it's not like I was holed up the whole time! Recommend all of them, they're all great!
So Georgia was super fun, the weather was amazing, 90's-100's with no humidity, so I didn't feel like a wet sticky towel the entire time. I did buy some yarn, some to make a purse I just finished (post about that later when it's dry) and the yarn for the homeymoon cami. The cami yarn is berrocco, super drapey and kind of shiny, so I'll have to swatch it to to make sure it's not toooo shiny when knit. It's a nice light blue color, perfect for summer. More later...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Celebrate with me!!!!

In celebration of my final day at my practicum, and thus the real start of my summer, this guy is dancing just for me! Check him out and celebrate the official start of summertime in Maine!

Friday, June 09, 2006


So honeymoon cami got bumped in favor of my first socks...jaywalkers with cherry tree hill supersock in a blueish-greenish-purplish colorway. The guy at LYS was nice enough to sell me a set of lantern moons at a SUPER discount cause one of the needles had a broken tip. I sanded it down and it's good as new. Don't know if I'm digging the sock thing or not yet. We'll see...

I am currently being very good at NOT buying any more yarn for the gazillion projects I want to start. This is, of course, is assisted by the fact that it's been raining for forever and I keep on getting called out of work, so am not making any money. Unfortunatly, this means that I am feeling project-short for my flight to GA. I think I will take advantage of the situation and get some work done on DH's sweater band...Yummmm...cabling in a Zanax-induced haze...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Official Apology all of you who read my blog, my apologies. I have been a bad blogger, with the end of the school year, I have been on a bit of an anti-computer kick. I've also started working at PLC, and am still at my elem. school, so have a bit of a wacky schedule on top of it! But I'm back, sort of, and so... I even actually have my next project...

It's the Honeymoon cami, and I'll sub yarn, I'd like to try bamboo yarn for it, as I think it would have the right drape and be super cool for summer! Totally cute...and the new socks on magknits are cute too...perhaps a first sock?

Edit: After feeling some bamboo yarn, I don't think I'll use that...Debbie Bliss Cathay seems perfect, although LYS has some Knit One Crochet Two in truffles that's 50% off...I think both yarns would be similar price, so just have to decide which to use.