Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogstalking #2...What's in that bag?

This is where my bag lives, by the door. It's also my collection/dump spot, so you never know what'll be there.
Lookie inside, keys, i pod, wallet, sunglasses, palm, all in all pretty neat.
And then there's the inside zipped part. Aka dumping ground for chapstick, mints, hair ties, hand lotion, tylenol/advil, shout wipes, and lordie knows what else is hiding in the bottom. Fortunatly, my purse is small, so there's only so full it can get. I've been coveting one of these...But I think small children would get lost in it.
And this is fab too, and smaller. There are too many bags I like. So I have but 3-5 and just keep switching between them.

Blogstalking Numero Uno-Who am I?

Who am I??? Well, I think this is best tackled by the pages...The Lovely Bones; I'm a huge fan of a good novel with a good plot, and this has been one of my recent fav's
Prozac Nation; a nice blend of the above mentioned good novel, with my mildly odd enjoyment of reading about other people's mental health escapades.
Knitting Without Tears; of course. A favorite on my shelf.
Recreational White Water Canoing; on the plate of current preferred pass times, you know, with it being summer in Maine and all.
Buffalo Soldier; A great author from Vermont (aka our soulmate state) who writes great novels based in Vermont on current Vermont issues.
Allen and Mikes Really Cool Telemark Guide; with giving up snowboarding for free heels this past year, this book has been my bible. And they're reaaaally funny!
Amish Quilt Patterns; quilting was my first real craft addiction, in early high school.
Bait and Switch; a great book that feeds my liberal need to know that everything I believe in is right, and that there may be hope yet.
An Ice Climbers Guide to Northern New England; a perfect representation of Mr. VT and my hard core side, the ice in Maine is great, and I can't wait for things to start freezing (after fall's over of course)
The Good Beer Guide to New England; cause we love our beer.

And that, good knitty folks, is me.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Told You it was Done!

All finished! Fits great, and super warm!! I won't be able to zip up the neck cause it chokes me, but from what I hear, this is normal for hand knit zip cardigans. I've already worn it out a couple times. It's pilling a bit, again, I think others who have knit from Peurivian Highland Chunky had this issue also. But for $35 of yarn, I can give it a shave now and then.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The improved Blogger? Not so much.

So I did try the "improved blogger template" which touts itsself as being easily adjustable and changable. Which it is. I liked being able to change the colors of everything and rerranging my sidebar without having to sort through HTML. But I was unable to figure out how to put buttons into the sidebar, and due to the way they have the now easy-insert template set up, I could not get them added in HTML. There may be a way that I missed, but I didn't see it. So I'm back to the regular set up, though because they make it easy to revert back, I may give it another go.

We here are enjoying the end of the summer in our new his-and-hers canoes...

His, Mad River Freedom Solo,
And hers, Old Town Pack (which despite the pic, is 3 feet shorter than the freedom). We have been having soooooo much fun canoing and fishing together in seperate boats. This may sound odd, but in our canoe trips of the past, I sit in front and so never see Mr. VT, and he sits in back and sees the back of my head. Plus, the "you fish on your side, I fish on my side, and we both fish the middle" doesn't work well. Now, we have our own space and can carry on an actual conversation! We went on a great day trip up a stream last weekend, and decided that these new toys are great additions to our family. Plus, I can go canoing by myself, at 33 pounds even I can get the Pack on the roof of my car!

There's been a little knitting going on, I did finish the Urban Aran, I started the Shoalwater shawl, and I abandoned the pattern for the Ink Flared Sweater (I was wayyyyy off gauge wanted a different flare and more side shaping) and am striking out on my own with the addition of a neck thing like in the Chamomile sweater in Rowan. I am also going to cast on for the Om Yoga Mat Bag from stitch-n-bitch nation. And on it goes...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Uhhhhh Ohhhh

Everythings all wonky again, I tried the ***NEW***IMPROVED*** Blogger customization thing...easier? YES!! A work in progress? I told you so...

It's done...

I swear. I've worn it twice, and it's warmer than a sheeps butt in July. Pics coming, I promise, and it's worth it!!!!!