Friday, September 29, 2006

Yarn Porn

OOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I got YARRRRRN!! My SP7, JPKnits, has totally treated me and I am sooo excited!! Two balls of a great navy specked Smart superwash which may end up as something for DH, cause they're totally his colors. A ball of Rowan Tapestry that is soooo soft and pretty I have no idea what to make with it...I will just keep it and pet it and name it Beth. Then three balls of washable Heirloom in a kickass teal/turquoise, LOVE the color!! AND a skein of FAB hand dyed from Dream in Color in a beautiful did she know purple is my new favorite color!! And to top it off, two really funny patches, a cute treehugger button, and the household favorite, tamari-wasabi almonds! (I have in the past had addiction-like issues with wasabi peas, and DH is likeways with nuts. This is the perfect combo. I am hiding them from both of us as 3.9 seconds into opening the bag we were both drooling almond-tamari-wasabi drool). THANK YOU JPKnits!!!! You rock as an SP!!!!!!!! Love You!!!
Further on, I did go to Webbs in Noho. DH surprised me on the way home from the in-laws, as I thought we were going straight home to do homework all afternoon. After a panic (I don't have my pattern book-or calculator-or yarn needs-arggghhhh!) we settled into a wi-fi coffee shop so I could pull the necessary yarn info off my blog and the internet. Webs was AMAZING, I entered the wharehouse, and kind of started hyperventilating, like I was so overwhelmed and overstimulated I couldn't remember to exhale all of the way. I made it out with this:
All the yarn needed to make the Rosedale United Sweater from Knitty. It will be striped in an unknown manner, but I honestly don't think it would make a difference...the colors are amazing and look so cool together! That's 6 balls of Noro Kureyon and 6 of Lopi Lite. So cool. And FYI, Webbs is everything it's said to be. And more. And more. And a little more.

Finally, I present the yarn for Sizzle. Sizzle was origionally going to be out of Berrocco Softwist. Softwist was not so pretty once i got it home. It was sad and pully and rough and did not look like it would wear well. So I returned it and for an additional $2.35 came home with this!! Jo Sharp DK Cotton in a great plum color! Yeay!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


1. abducted by aliens
2. locked in the cellar
3. addicted to CSI and on the couch for two weeks
4. out having fun canoeing/climbing/beaching it/knitting/drinking with friends
5. coping with the unbelievably offensive smell in my car
6. reading for fun all of the lovely books I can not seem to stop accumulating
7. held captive by the cats in exchange for boxes and yummy adhesive tape
8. spending quality marital time with my husband
OR 10. updating my blog.

I have instead been starting school, my practicum, and a new job...all in the last two weeks. I am sorry I have dropped off the face of the planet, I swear I will retrieve my towel...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cute...or Twisted...You Decide

I'm going with cute, as long as that wool wasn't sheared from his/her mother. This makes me want to go out, buy a farm, and buy sheep just so I could have a baby sheep to dress up in cute little wool outfits. Cause it's soooooo cute, but totally twisted and a little evil at the same time. Found the pic at Cute, link in the sidebar!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I caight Dulce and Zora napping together, which is a miracle since the two of them are determined to not be caught on film at the same time. But here it is, proof that they like each other!! Isn't it sweet?