Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Too Much Knitting?

Is there such a thing? I am starting to think yes, there can be. Not as in I am doing too much of it, but I have too much to do.

Eric's sweater: almost done with the second sleeve. Need to do the body and figure out how I want to fix the raglan neck.

Messenger bag purse: about half way up the body of the bag. Going well.

Eric's felted beanie: up to the color changes for the stripes. Temporarily stopped to get more yarn (which I now have)

Secret X-mas set: FINALLY found the right needles, just cast on for first of three in set.

Mom's fingerless gloves: Not started yet, but have the yarn and needles at least.

Secret x-mas sumething: just got pattern, have needles, need yarn.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a 10-15 page paper due by the end of the semester that i haven't started? Yea. BUT, I did finish both other end-of-semester papers AHEAD OF TIME (insert happy dance for me here). So it's gonna be a busy few weeks. Fortunatly, once that paper is done, I have nothing going on and can devote much time to knitting/watching tv/fending off cats/staying in my pj's all day.
On the bright side, I'll have lots of pics!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Project Explosion

We have a project explosion in my house. I went from having one project to 4. Well, one was just on the back burner, but it's in action now with the other three. First, here's the start of my messenger bag purse. While I did all the math right (so far) to knit it the correct size pre-felting, I did not anticipate the problem of knitting in the round with an intarsia section, which is essentially what the blue stripe is. So I could have knit it flat. I could have carried the yarn across somehow or something. I could have just had a billion ends that would get felted away. I could have knitted back and forth on circulars, leaving an open seam at a corner where the felted seam won't make a difference. BUT I did not do any of these. Instead I somehow have the seam at the blue/brown meeting spot. I think I may change this, cause I am anal retentive with some things, this being one of them. And oh goodie, this will give me five balls of yarn to chase around!!Next up...the slightly abandoned Sizzle. I love this tank top. I can't knit a tank top when it's getting dark at 4:30. So sizzle may hang out on the needles until spring.
Next...the current stage of Mr. VT's sweater... it is in pieces. I think I may frog the world's most beautiful neck and the top to about two inches above the band so I can knit it as more of a raglan. Cause that would be closer to the kind of fit he wants. I did think about cutting and sewing it, but I just can't.
And finally, Mr. VT has decided he wants a hat. A felted hat. So I actually found a pattern that I can knit as written with Patons Merino and it will end up the correct felted size. This is a knitting miracle. It is a sign that he really needs this hat. A pea green hat with chocolate and navy stripes and designs. It will be lovely.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

whhhoooo boy

Been a long time, but between being away at a wedding and catching up on school cause of it, I've been a bit MIA. But it was worth it, the wedding was FAB!!!!!

And now, a new project..
Messenger bag, of my own design, but similar in color layout to this at least, in blue and brown. I've needed a fun bag just big enough to put my day planner in. I'm keeping notes on the pattern as it develops!