Sunday, June 15, 2008

Double Uggh

It did not wash out. It is still there. Somehow it appears to have yellowed in the sun. Why? Who knows. I am going to try dying some swatches of it and then see if the swatches yellow as well, even in a different color. And I might swing into the LYS I bought it at and see if they know anything about it that would help. And I will silently curse the person who made/found/wholesaled this yarn to my LYS. Cause they suck.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Soooo...I swatched my Rogue Sweater. Okay, it was a big swatch i.e. I knit up to the armpits and washed and pinned it cause I was worried it was too small. Yes, I PRE-swatched. And yes, it's smaller than I planned anyways. Damn math.


I unpinned it and noticed...
See it? two different colors.
See it again?
See? You can even see it sideways. The Stumper? The DARKER side was facing up!!!!'s not sun bleached, it's sort of sun darkened. But the sun can't do that. So what the F**K???? Maybe it was super bleached to start, and the power of the sun beams reverted it back to it's more natural state? It's dust and dirt that blew very evenly over the entire thing?

Knitty Gurus, I'm relying on you...what's going on here? Cause I tell ya, this sweater ain't progressing till I figure it out. If it's some wierd sun effect, I'm not spending eighty-billion hours on those cables to have a sweater that looks like Aunt Velma's living room drapes. Please, please help. I'm gonna wash it in a bit, I'mm report back on the results.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our newest family member, just over 8 weeks, from the local animal shelter.
She is an excellent napper and all-around snugglie kittie, even at night (however at times the fearsome critters; aka our feet; that live under the covers and keep moving ever-so-slightly get the best of her).
She is 750mL (thanks J & B)
Everyone is eating their own food out of the correct bowl. Zora is however pleased that we bought her special (kitten) food and spend a few days defending "her" new bowl and special food..
Hee hee
The turf wars are being fought.
And this is a 1 centimeter across. Tiny little white alpine flower, just like our little Maine kittie.

Yep, she's better than TV.