Friday, June 09, 2006


So honeymoon cami got bumped in favor of my first socks...jaywalkers with cherry tree hill supersock in a blueish-greenish-purplish colorway. The guy at LYS was nice enough to sell me a set of lantern moons at a SUPER discount cause one of the needles had a broken tip. I sanded it down and it's good as new. Don't know if I'm digging the sock thing or not yet. We'll see...

I am currently being very good at NOT buying any more yarn for the gazillion projects I want to start. This is, of course, is assisted by the fact that it's been raining for forever and I keep on getting called out of work, so am not making any money. Unfortunatly, this means that I am feeling project-short for my flight to GA. I think I will take advantage of the situation and get some work done on DH's sweater band...Yummmm...cabling in a Zanax-induced haze...


Blogger Ssh! sssecret! said...

What size Lantern Moon did you pick up, asks your secret pal? Don't want to duplicate sizes or anything.

Speaking of which, I note you're a fan of the blues and greens. If yellow slips into a variegated blue and green, does that bug you?

I'm shopping and shopping to put together a perfect package for mailing next week.

6:17 PM  

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