Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Turkeys...mother nature's special animal

So I am sitting at my computer the other day, writing one of 4 papers due the next week, and look out the window. Oh cute, here are the turkeys again! Now these turkeys are not your average elementary school ditto cut out turkeys. They look more like the turtle-ducks from super mario brothers...waddling around in a cluster, pecking at the ground near the garden. Notice that I say near the garden. These turkeys are eating all sorts of dirt and grass and stuff, and to watch them I have to look around the bird feeder at the edge of the patio. Now, I know turkeys eat grain and stuff. Even our 5 year old neighbor knows this. Too bad for the turkeys, they don't know this. While they are toiling away the day searching the yard in V-formation for whatever they can find, a food mill is 3 feet from them, thanks to the spring birds. Dumb birds don't know a good thing when they walk around it.

So we are back from easter weekend with Eric's parents. We didn't really go there for easter, but our new niece came up with her parents, who happen to be Eric's brother and sister in law. The baby is super cute, which I can only say cause she really is. I think most babys are rather ugly, especially after the whole squeeze-a-football-through-a-watering-hose thing. But she is not misshapen nor marked in any way. She's awesome, and has a hell of a head of hair already! So we got to spend the weekend drinking wine and watching baby-TV (cause you just can't help it, it's like those animal shows on tv-they're generally not interesting, but every once in a while something really exciting happens). Good weekend all in all!


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