Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Very Guilty Cast On...

So tonight I start the Penryn Sweater...for me! This will be occurring at the same time that I have not yet finished Eric's sweater. I know I told him that no other major project will be knit before I finish his sweater. I justify my decision because the darn cabled band is taking a light year to finish. I am almost done with the front piece, then I still have to do the whole back piece. The pattern takes much concentration, so I can't just use it as my CSI/Sex in the City knitting. So I am casting on for a more boring stockinette sweater in addidion. I try to not feel bad. Much of my guilt is currently being drowned out by my excitement of knitting something on size 13 needles (aka very fast and instant gratification). But, once I settle into the couch I know his sweater is going to start heckling me...yoo hoo, I'm over here...I won't get finished sitting in the the time I'm done it'll be winter's only 30 inches of three inch wide cable...your so close yet so far away...
I'll work on it soon, I swear.


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