Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yes, I can sew on a button

I had my sewing machine class yesterday with my new Viking Huskvarna that Eric got me for christmas. I will admit to feeling a bit snobby-in-a-good-way as the other ladies only had Whites...but hey, I figure I put in my time on the ole singer, I deserve a kick-ass machine now!!!
The class was not very advanced, but I learned things like:
* I can only use Viking bobbins, not my cheepo Walmart ones
* Buying cheep thread is okay sometimes, and BADBAD other times
* I can both make a button hole AND sew on the button with the machine
* There is no machine that will serge nicely, unless it is a serger
* I have fancy feet to do all sorts of things more advanced than sewing in a straight line
* I can sew things like silk and tulle (ya know, for my ballerina skirt) without having my machine eat the fabric...feed dogs are adjustable!

So all in all it wasvery interesting. While I was there I got the rest of the fabric for my knitting needle holders. I'm making up three to bring in to my knitting store, as they said they sometimes buy that type of thing to sell in the shop. I'm pretty excited about the colors I got, I'll definitly post the finished products cause they're purtty! So now I suppose I should do that. Can't knit now, Maryella bracelet is making me a bit knutty and I need more coffee first, Eric's sweater band I'm gonna work on later today, and I'm still waiting for my new ADDIS needles to arrive so I can start on the new design project I'm working in. Oh yea and I have some school reading to do in there somewhere...


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