Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Whole New Level of Luxury

Well, I have entered an entire new level of knitting extacy...due to the quantity of reading Eric has to do, I am occationally at home, sharing a quiet living room with him as he slogs through bio texts. This is boring for me. Our living room is not big, and it's like being at the library. So I spend a lot of time knitting. And now...with the addition of MY NEW LAPTOP (thank you uncle sam for giving us good tax returns) I can sit and watch a movie with headphones and knit away the night while darling husband gets smarter! And we're in the same room! And we're not killing each other!!! This, for two grad students, is a very good thing. So I not only finished Eric's sleeves for the navy sweater, I finished a pair of the fabulous fingerless gloves ( a secret gift), and am half way done with my own gloves!! It is a good week in my world. Hurrah.


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