Thursday, March 23, 2006

I can't even knit

Eric and I have been "sick" for the past two days. I say "sick" because while we're well enough to go to school, do stuff around the house, and generally putter, neither of us has the energy/attention span to actually get anything accomplished. Just doing my blog update has taken off and on all day. I can't even knit more than a row at a time. But, I feel well enough that I can't just lapse into couch-coma. At least thurs and fri are teacher inservice days so I can stay home with no guilt. Unfortunatly I have other things (like a paper) to do, but can't rally the attention span to do them. This sucks.
One the bright side, my LYS wants to buy my needle bags, we just have to decide on price (aka I need to figure out how much I need to make on them). That's exciting though!
I also went to Goodwill to try to find some recyclable sweaters. Of course I didn't find any sweaters but came home with three new t-shirts (one's a Dr. Seuss shirt!!!). I'm not sure why I want to recycle a sweater and then dye it cause I have no idea what to make out of the yarn, but I
1. want to try frogging a sweater
2. want to try dying yarn
3. am sure that once I have a sweaters worth of pretty yarn, could use it for something...
I figure it's $5 spent for a multi-day adventure of fun. We'll see. I think the Zip Cardagan in my wishful thinking list in the right bar would be a good candidate.


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