Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ribbit ribbit

So I finished the whole back to my sweater in two days...then frogged back to the armpit! I am DETERMINED to find a decrease that I like on this thing, and I think I just found it, with assist from my fav folks at knitty coffeeshop. I'm doing K2tog tbl, but slipping the first stitch over then back to untwist (or twist it? it just looks like it lies nicer) it...looking okay so far. I tried to just do k2tog but since there are 4 decreases in a row it gave me a ridge. so I'll probabally finish it again tonight. I'm going to Montreal this weekend with some school friends, so hopefully the 6 hour bus trip won't give me enough time to finish the front too, cause I want to do the sleeves on circulars and I don't have that size. Okay, I'll definitly finish it. No chance it's gonna take me more than 6 hours. Shoot. Where do I find needles a) on my drive to school or b) in Montreal. Hmmm...if I leave work a bit early I'll have just enough time to swing through a yarn shop and make it to the bus on time... I could just get them in Montreal, but I can not drag my friends to a knitting shop cause I'm a poor planner. Besides, there's always Eric's sweater...


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