Sunday, May 14, 2006

What to do next...

I am totally stumped on what to make next. Rogue, you've been haunting me for a while, and I even found a lovely and not tooooo expensive yarn I want to use, but you seems like a bit big of a project while I still have one sweater to finish (not that that stopped me from doing Penryn). But it's really cute and I want-you-want-you-want-you!

Then there's green gable and your cute cap sleeves, perfect for the summer we may in fact have at some point. I would likely take out your lace in the front and add a intarsia pic/decoration of some type to fun-it-up, as your fun to start with and seem like you'd adjust nicely.

There's always you clapotis, but your yarn choice is can such a nice scarf be so potentially expensive? I'm sorry but you are not worth paying the electric bill late for. And though I'm pretty set on the idea of using noro silk garden lite even despite aformentioned expense, I'm worried about drape. You need it. You must have it. And I'm afraid I may not be able to give it to you.
Jaywalkers, you could be my very first socks, but none of my LYS's seem to carry yarn that's under $20 and not butt-ugly. Okay I haven't checked all of them, but the ones I did check were hopeless. Besides your heel is scaring me (okay, not your heel specifically, all heels generally) as is knitting with size 1 or 2 needles and not breaking them. But you could be fun...
And hourglass sweater...your so pretty but your shoulder design is giving me nightmares. Are you cute enough to make up for the significant mods I'll end up doing to prevent flashdance-style fug? Maybe, probabally, but right now? Don't know 'bout that.
Maybe, just maybe, I should keep slogging away on DH's sweater band. So he can wear it before next summer. But I still need a new project...


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