Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm home!

Got a loooooot of reading done in the pool, in the air conditioning, before bed... I pretty much read my way through Georgia, but I read really fast so it's not like I was holed up the whole time! Recommend all of them, they're all great!
So Georgia was super fun, the weather was amazing, 90's-100's with no humidity, so I didn't feel like a wet sticky towel the entire time. I did buy some yarn, some to make a purse I just finished (post about that later when it's dry) and the yarn for the homeymoon cami. The cami yarn is berrocco, super drapey and kind of shiny, so I'll have to swatch it to to make sure it's not toooo shiny when knit. It's a nice light blue color, perfect for summer. More later...


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