Thursday, January 11, 2007

I MADE things!!!

Lookie!!!!!!!!!! First, I MADE BAGELS!!!! With my handy new kitchenaide that Mr VT got me for x-mas! The recipe is from the King Arthur cookbook that I have out of the library (think about that-a library book that is a cookbook. Look at your cookbooks and their stains. Every page in this thing is a homage to all the cooks in the area...I love it!). The bagels were pretty easy, heck everything is pretty easy when the steps to making homemade bread are 1. chuck all ingredients in bowl 2. turn on kitchenaide 3. watch it mix for 5-15 minutes. Or don't. 4. put it in a bowl and let it rise...etc.

We MADE BEER!!! Okay, Mr. VT and his friend the Bio-biker made beer, I knitted and watched. I Lurrrve the idea of making beer, but the process of sterilizing and all that other stuff makes me kuukoo. And let me tell you, we make GOOD beer. YUM!

I made curtains!!! Obviously for the bathroom. It's a batiked fabric with turtles that Mr. VT picked out (he LOVES turtles). They are lovely and so fast that in the time he played Tony Hawk and watched a show on how to make Skippy peanut butter, they were done.

I (re) made his sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, see this is the sewing machine that he got me last x-mas (do we sense a theme? I do and I LOVE it). This is the side steek, or how I made a too wide circular knit body juuuuust right!!

See? Easy Peasie! And stretchie, and totally cheating, but I don't give a shit. No way was I rekniting that thing THAT much. As it is I ripped back to the lower section of the armpits to do it in raglan circular style (ummm, why did I not know raglan should be done in the round?)

Lastly, two pair of wee-mini-fuzzie-feetsies!!! Now either I knit really tight even when knitting for felting, or patterns are a bit off. Or our washer is a mega felter. They came out quite small, and needed a LOT of stretching. But they're great, and the boys (housemates youngins) love them and spent the entire night sliding around the kitchen and doing twirls. I told them about the puffy paint but they seemed perfectly happy to slide, even after one wiped out hardcore and cried. Oh and the green yarn in the bag next to them? Actually a hulk punching hand. I had to go look, looked like skeins to me!

So YEAY for being productive, and say goodbye to it cause school starts on wednesday!


Blogger Bezzie said...

Hot dang! Check out your productiveness!! Mmm...bagels! Did you have to boil them?

6:48 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

Homemade bagels! Ooooh! I want some they're the best! And you made beer too. And a sweater. And curtains. And how many hours does your day have? You're amazingly productive.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Rain said...

You brave fearless steeker you!

The beer sounds fab. We made cider last year and ended up using it as pickling vinegar.

6:15 AM  

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