Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ooohhh Ohhhh I just remmebered!!

I MISSED SOMETHING on my holiday Meme!!!!!!!!! My most FAVORITE thing to do was to play "I Spy" with my brothers on the christmas tree!!! You know...I spy Which morphed into I spy a star. This game was sooo fun cause dad always got THE HUGEST trees (seriously dad, you have some visual-perception issues when it comes to christmas trees). This was okay, cause we have enough ornaments to cover the ENTIRE tree, and there were always some left over that were just-not-good-enough.
So the star we were looking for was NEVER an actual star, it would be, like, a star that was the tone-on-tone pattern on an elephant holding a wreath or something. I know. It's totally silly, but I LOVED it. And yes, when me and Mr. VT go to the 'rents, I will spend much time searching for that-one-ornament-that-I-know-they-have-and-I-JUST-CAN'T-Find-IT!!!!!!
Ohhh, my aching head with the good memories!


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