Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 in Numbers

Having recovered from the post holiday diet (aka the 36 hour stomach-hurling virus) I can now sit up for more that 20 minutes at a time. Looking back on 2006, it has been a looooong year in the VT house, and we've passed some landmarks...

12 months of blogging, as of December 27th! (yes, I am retarded cause I missed the all-important one year bloggiversary)
11 gazillion pages of articles and textbooks read
10 months without any significant snowfall here in Maine (or so it feels)
9 times I have begun and ended employment at a varied assortment of seasonal and temporary jobs and internships. In one year, yes. I love being a student.
8 batches of beer and wine have been brewed, our newest favorite hobby
7 unfinished knitted projects as of 12:01 January 1st, only one being a carryover from 2005! (unsure if this is something to be proud of)
6 ty some odd miles canoed on the St. Croix, our second time down, made even better with three friends along
5 days of wedding celebration in Georgia as the last of our siblings got hitched.
4 months of academics to complete until Mr. VT and I graduate from our masters programs, as of Jan 1, 2007
3 years since we left our loved Vermont to live in Maine
2 new babies born, one to my cousin and one to my bro and sis in law, making us an uncle and auntie!
1 year that Mr. VT and I have been married


Blogger Batty said...

Well, you sure have had an interesting and eventful 2006!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Rain said...

Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one.

7:05 PM  

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