Sunday, March 18, 2007

I told you I've been knitting!

So first, here's the felted beanie, pre felting. YES, I swatched. I swear. I did math. and...
here's the finished product! As you can see, there's a seam. Despite my swatch, the hat felted much more in height than in width, and I needed to cut a piece out of it and sew it back together. There's one wonky spot where the seam bumps out a bit, but Mr. VT says he doesn't mind it, so oh well. I might go back at some point to fix it, like in the summer when it's hot out and I want a quickie project. I really like the quilting I added too, it gives it a super subtle but cool texture.
My oldest un-pic'ed FO, the shedir hat from Knitty. I followed the pattern except I skipped one pattern repeat, as it seemed too long when I measured other hats I like (I have a small head). It's just a touch short, I wish I could do a half repeat, but alas, no such luck. This was actually my first cable project!
On to new project, here's the urban aran. I'm doing it in the round, cause I HATE seaming. I sized my needles way down, using a size 7 for the body. I swatched in the 10's the pattern called for, and it was a looser knit than I liked. Also, the smallest size was a small and the finished measurements were larger, more jacket-like, than the closer fit I want.
So far, I love it! It's knitting up pretty quick, and the cables look great! I figure I'll keep an eye on the arm-hole size due to the smaller gague, and with all that ribbing if it's a touch on the too-tight side I can block it any way I want! Oh and I am sooooo not doing the wierd side cables, they are slightly reminescent of life jacket cinches and there's nothing like accuntuating your love handles!!


Blogger Batty said...

They both look great! I love Shedir, and the other hat is really nice -- even pre-felting. Felted knits crack me up because the pre-felting object looks like it'll never fit. Then you abuse it some, and voila, perfect.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Shedir was your first cabled project? Daaaaaang! It looks great!

8:16 PM  
Blogger Rain said...

Shedir looks fab. I didn't realise the first photo was pre felting and thought you'd knit a giant hat by mistake, it looks great done and nobody will notice the seam if it's round the back.

6:04 AM  

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