Saturday, July 08, 2006


Sooo... I finally got the camera hooked up to my computer so I don't have to pull them off DH's network. So I've got some catching up to do! I got a great package from my Secret Pal that arrived while I was in Georgia. See! There are yummy gummy thingies that are sour too (my favorite), some stitch markers that aren't split like my other ones so they are much more useful for many things. I also got some yummy sock yarn in a really cool colorway that'ss look great as a pair of the new socks from magknits. They came with a set of inox double pointed needles that are not displayed because I already pulled them out and put them in my needle holder. On
the sock front, you can see here that I have been making great headway on my Jaywalkers. Great colors from Cherry Tree Hill and my bargin bin lantern moons. Since the time I started the sock, I think I have completed an impressive amount of knitting, especially since the needles are tiny-tiny, I am not especially fast on DPN's, and I got distracted with reading books and a new project. I am still not totally sure that I am a sock convert, but I like the small size and portability. I will have to see if I get hooked, but until them I will keep plugging away on them. This is more difficult since I am discovering that I am not a summer knitter. Some people like
knitting in certain seasons, and my favorite season is any season other than summer. However, I was able to rally long enough to complete the fastest bag in the east, from a pattern my soon-to-be sis in law has. Made from a lambs-pride look-a-like yarn and felted in my mega-felter washing machine. This was ONE cycle in a pillowcase. Woah, felted! It's smaller and tighter than the one Ang made, but since I wanted a tiny on-the-town purse, it's perfect. I need to find a magnetic closure and a cool button to finish it off, but it's done! So if anyone out there in blogland needs any felting done, send them my way and I'll have it done in a snap : )

To round out my pic-heavy catching up I've got a couple pics of our flower area, where DH's plant collection resides in the summer. We've got lots of orchids (note the ones in the tree too), a blooming brugmansia, some other wacky things that Eric's aquired, a few tomatoes, peppers, and chilis (or some other hot pepper). Please ignore the collection of beer
bottles, we enjoy the evening beverage, but I think those were from a small party we had a few nights ago and have been having too much fun to clean up after. So not I'm off to go canoing for the afternoon before work tonight!! Happy summer!


Blogger Rain said...

You bag looks perfect for what you want it for.

I love the colour of your jaywalkers.

11:51 AM  

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