Thursday, May 24, 2007

WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! We are done!!!!

That there is $48 of high quality grad school polyester(okay, mine was $48, Mr. VT's was free AKA included-in-his-student-fees). After 3 years and a combined $100,000 debt rack-up, our schools spend the big bucks for the big day. Kinda like blowing forty thousand on your wedding but buying the dress at walmart. And being flamable. We're two shots of tequilla away from being human molotov cocktails. (disclainer, these outfits were actually donned the day AFTER graduation, when were sufficiently recovered from kegging the night before, but not yet tipsy from the mimosas and bloody marys; so as to not catch fire on the bar-b-que that was pretty much on the whole weekend.)

FYI Family... I am going to attempt the very challenging task of posting many of the grad pics on some online private site, so you can print to your hearts content. Wait for the e-mail, and thanks Dad G. for the pics (having to resize this picture from the 34 by-some-odd INCH picture in the CD you sent was really special. Just wait for the poster-size-print-of-us-once-the-keg-got-tapped that your getting for Christmas. It's going above the fireplace.)


Blogger Bezzie said...

"Kinda like blowing forty thousand on your wedding but buying the dress at walmart."

Wuhahahahahahaa! I love it!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Rain said...

Nice analogy. Hope you enjoyed the day despite being a fire hazard

Our gowns weren't too bad but had fur hoods, fortunately I was able to get a fake one.

11:30 AM  

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